Monday, October 18, 2010

Linking your blog to Facebook

One of the useful things I've done is to link my blogs to Facebook with a tool called NetworkedBlogs.  This will post to your Facebook feed every time you post a new article to your blog, so that your friends can see it.  I've found this is a good way to bring traffic to your blog.  I'm going to walk through how I set it up.
  1. Go to the NetworkedBlogs page on Facebook.  Add the application if you haven't done it already.

  2. Click on the "Register a Blog" button.

  3. Fill in the registration form and click the "Next" button

  4. If you are the author, click YES.

  5. Click "Use widget to verify ownership".

  6. Click "Install Widget" and copy the code that is shown, then click "Instructions for Blogger".

  7. Go to the front page of your blog and click "Design", then "Add a Gadget" and select "HTML/Javascript".  Paste the HTML code you copied and click "Save".

  8. Back on the NetworkedBlogs page, click the "Verify Widget" button.  If this is successful, click the "Next" button.

  9. On the next page, click the "Set up Syndication" button.

  10. Click the check box under "Auto-publish to personal profile"

You're done! The next time you make a post on your blog, it should show up in your Facebook feed. Your friends can comment either there or on your blog.