Monday, December 20, 2010

Live Feedback

During our Digital Revolution event, we used text messaging to collect live feedback from the audience and project it on a secondary screen.  The results were a mixture -- there were certainly some who used the anonymity of texting to simply play around with the technology.  But there were others who used the medium to reflect on the presentations, ask questions, and participate with the organizers in a running back-channel conversation.

Below is the unedited transcript...

Why have you come tonight? 

. For my father

iPhone AT&T test

i am your father

Because I love my boyfriend!

I SAID; To enjoy quality time

because technology rocks

Short term memory problem

because I believe in the power of technology in education.

To have a rockin' good time!

To share what i've learned.

because i want to revolutionize my education!

Because we love you.

to present the world with the future of education

to see what today's students are up to in the world of digital education.

Because Honors students make the best presentations.

Look! I'm on the big screen! XD

We're celebrating a semseter of discovery. Why else?

me too!!

I followed the balloons and it led me here!

cuz it sounded cool

I received an invitation on facebook and decided to come

all hail the fsm who guides up here with balloons!

to ride the wave of modern literacy.


because i like encouraging my ADD

supporting my friend :)

I got out of class and it was very intriguing

where else would i want to be?

maybe it was something in the way MW said, "or else!"

Yes, I love technology.

to see he i can figure out what happened to gleaal warming. It's cold out there!

My dad is Dr. Burton!

cuz this is super sick

Same :D

my dad is a stinker

I thought he was my Dad

Schralp nugs all dayy

to get a shot at cafe rio. and to support, of course.

My Husband is Kevin Watson:-)

cause I need the grade.

Dr:-) Burton invited me :-)

Because I'm cool. AND this is Awesome!

To see what honors is about and think about teaching the math and algorithms of cg fx in honors

actually he's my dad.

Because this class has been awesome!


I'm a masochist for Dr. Burton's puns.

because of our lovely granddaughters sarah and morgan wills

So my girlfriend doesn't get angry at me.

sheer interest

because i just realized if i did this message would show up on the screen!

gets me out of doing math homework! Sorry mom

polar bears roasting penguins by an open fire...

robert frost writing poetry

For the free pancakes!!!

because digiciv is amazing!! We have the best professors ever!

... there are free pancakes??

there's free pancakes?!

It's spelled L-e-e-A-n-n-e. Im so disappointed.

but i was going to make waffles!


I think I'm in the wrong room...

no pancakes. but cookies and hot choco.

no, this is not the kitchen

Tibetans in India!!


for self actualization

So how do the administrators here at BYU catch the digital bug?

I would!

I would!

I love approximate quotes. They're so flexible.

I have loved all the presentations so far, and I love the ideas behind them all!

You can learn so much more by watching what your peers research and develop

What's your level of digital literacy
Option Responses
Complete nerd -- if it's on the web, I know about it 4
I'm somewhat savvy -- for example I blog or use twitter 15
Occassional user -- mostly email and web 3
Total novice -- I'm here to learn 1

What questions or comments do you have?

nooooo the screen went blank

I hope I enjoy it as well.

I don't even know where to begin

What other boring subjects have you had?

Wish I could've taken the class!

like a lieutenant one can't resist talking on a radio or resist texting. On and on

Hello everybody! Welcome to our showcase!

what's the name of this class!?!?!?

why the lag?

the name is digital civilization

I love prezi!

this music is awesome

Honors Civilization 202

How could other classes be influenced by this one?

Awesome video!

those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat the mistakes

is there some reason this is looping?

everyone has really baggy eyes. Was this class that stressful?

Amazing video dudes!!!!!

they should offer this course again!

haha pretty much

Get excited about your own learning and creating! The next presentation can tell you how!

for real

the principles from this class can be applied to every class

I am really impressed by how the class plays to the strengths of the new generation instead of disregarding them:-

they are burton disciples "knowledge in a vacuume"

its about use digital tools to learn with the people around us and from eachother

they are social learning disciples. :)

I feel trapped in my Facebook box.

The internet is a great big scary place...


The internet is also awesome

What do you use the Internet for?

Haha "Burton disciples." i prefer burtonites

this class has taught me how to navigate the enormous web and make the most of it!

Consume, Create, and Connect! An awesome concept!

is this class offered this Winter semester?

Just think of the ways you can use the internet in your own classes, business, and life... It's fantastic!

. Ladies. Doesn't jake look good tonight?!?! (guy in the blue shirt)

great resources you have created


consume on blogs, see what the world has to say

I love using the Internet to share the gospel

Shorter assignments? The reading took a couple of hours between each class.

if u want to take the class we r going to have to talk to cecil

Yes, Jake does. ;D

there is so much information on the internet. It is just a matter of knowing what's worth your time!

Getting out of our comfort zone is important

With the internet comes a responsibility to learn grow and share.

each step leads to the next...

is this class offered Winter 2011?

Is anyone else just waiting for someone to propose on this screen?

you can learn and share so many worthwhile things on the internet!

girls... left hand...he's taken

Will u marry me?

They havent been able to get permission to do it again.

haha it certainly is a screen of many purposes

sorry the class is not offered next term

I've got to try using Prezi for a future presentation!

so it's just offered in Fall right?

I blog, therefor I am

nvm. I understand.

sharing is key to keeping the internet alive

The wiki url is

So how do the administrators here at BYU catch the digital bug?

everyone write to cecil and ask him to approve the class

check out awesome tool tutorials at

it was a one time trial class for now

Yes, I'll marry you! What are you doing after the presentation?

why use flash?

the flash is

That must have taken forever to make

flash because it's flexible and appealing

. Good to see a university get beyond 11th century methods

talk up the class. Write an email to Cecil.

remember ALL presentations can be found at the URL on the printed program:

ehh pretty long, but i had to learn website creation along the way

you should all try prezi

prezi is more fluid

mormons should not be afraid of the internet. We should learn how to harness it

flash is a very easy program and language to learn

Prezi is a nice toy. PowerPoint is a nice tool.

The blog didn't take too long to make. We all worked together on it.

The website to access all the presentations is

Great job Brandon!

this presentation is really cool!

Finding and playing with online tools is addicting sometimes. I love it!

Prezi is amazing. I used it in some presentations in my post-bacc work and wowed the class.

No! I don't answer 'yes' to proposals before the first date.

this is probably the best idea for a class I've yet seen. Too bad administration doesn't think so.

open source means anyone can change and edit the code

dr. Burton's teaching motto: "knowledge in a vacuume really sucks":-)

why not? :)

i think mormons are really taking off with technology. Have you seen Super user friendly, you should check out the presentation on it.

we need Ninja wizards!

yeah is exemplary

but cathedrals are so pretty

who wrote the cathedral and the bazaar?

from prezi to power point

Open source means everyone can see the source code help fix it

jake is a babe-tastic guy!

Yeah, is incredible.

and is BOSS

I don't think people realize the power for good that is made possible with the Internet. I mean straight up good.

mormons are wierd

. And now he's blushing!

what else besides technology can this principle of the cathedral and the bazaar apply to?

eric raymond wrote cathedral and bazaar is just now actually

i know! so many connections can be made through the internet!

Agree with the power for good in the Internet.

Mormons are wired

eric raymond wrote cathedral and the bazaar is another good mormon place to check. You can upload your own mormon messages :)

open source isn't just a computer thing; it's where digital culture as a whole is going -- education, government, etc

The new online scriptures are AMAZING

Check out Creative Commons licensing.

society is wierd. mormons are AWESOME

This knowledge will be really helpful at my work

mormons are weird... Like a boss!

I have to wonder if a presentation on new didactic methods could be presented in new ways itself...

digital culture will be EVERYWHERE!

... Okay that's pretty new...

Gotta love the australian accent!

Mormons ARE Wizards. Jake- don't blush!

when bands cover a song that is a remix

are you distracted yet?

Creative Commons allows fertile creativity. Copyright, not so much...

creative commons license is the opposite of copy right. You allow people to use and remix your work as long as they attribue the original to the creator.

i love aussies

wordle rhymes with squirtle

Good thing we're all college students, or this texting board could be REALLY misused....(ahem ninja wizards, Jakes hotness )


The backpack2.0 wiki site is open for anyone to visit and add your own favorite internet tools. Check it out!

someone should remix the class: American heritage

no that is called a cover. A remix is when a dj takes a song a puts his own flavor on it

yeah they really know how to put another shrimp on the barbe.


the more people u have working on a project the better it will turn out

totaly agree with american heritage remix!

bazaar or bizar

Every class should have one of these chat boards

does anyone use this texting tool in class?

Not always



american heritage is a useless class. Take economics

Totally agree with remixing American Heritage. Imagine if it were like this class... That would be awesome! :-)

these mashed potatoes are so creamy


I liked American heritage. I had a Canadian professor.



John wayne was tall

the people have to be independently working though. Otherwise you can get bogged down in choosing a direction to follow. If independent, a direction

stydents need to take ownership of their education

thanks for putting our event into the tweet stream, @warnick Just where you watching from?

As long as we don't start any YouTube religious comment wars, we should be good.

stop with the random comments please

Did he just call me an empty cup?


I have been in a class with 3/4 of the students on Google chat... We will just say we werent very focused on the class topic.

Can we focus please?

Jake will you go on a date with me?

a direction is chosen by the consumers

learning is great, this class has helped me to be a more effective student

everyone should learn alittle about computer science

whos the sexy guy in the tie holding the camera

we all have to take writing so why not computer skills?

you mei you ren neng kan de dong?


this class has been a good intro to computer science

i don't speak Vietnamese..

tie holding the camera is jake!!!

computer skills are very relevant in this day and age

that was chinese

I want to learn CS really bad. Is there a beginner class on campus?

Ye yin ni yijing biaoyan le ma?

Is that Tyson? And the Elders?

computer science is a lot less scary now.

me Gusta las chicas gorditas

The problem is that students have been indoctrinated into the old system. It's a hard adjustment to make.

WHOA! 112 papers!

i loved getting to choose what i read! I learned so much more, because i really cared about what i was reading!

i had a prof do what dr. Zappala is talking about. I think it works best in a smaller class

Question... How many of you would like to see more classes like this?

CS 100

it is a hard adjustment

omg can the entire university do that?! This is genius!!!

I would!

anything is better than taking tests

is wikiness ever happiness ?

I would LOVE to see more classes like this on campus.

Me too.

cs 100 is meant to be a good intro to computer science

me! Agreed that it is a rough adjustment though!

i would love to have more classes like this one

wait is this wiki leaks?

i would love more classes like this


I'm in CS 428!

You can take a class through the office of IT on CS.

a wil

How many of you out there are teachers or going to be teachers?

a class like this really requires students to learn

If you are interested in blogging and education wait for prof. Burtons presentation!

a wiki means a collaborative site that anyone can add their knowledge to.

Those IT classes are very helpful and free.


we will all teach something!

Class would be more fun and less stressful if we could choose our own readings. Don't you agree?


I'm an instructor for IT.

great presentation dr. zappala!!

Thanks. I was pretty confused

I would like more classes like this that really ask why we are learning what we are learning. Its so frustrating when classes are taught w/o real purpose

i drink soda with caffeine in it

I'm going to be a professor and will definitely incorporate these ideas into my classrooms.

i'm going to be an English teacher. How could I do something this authentic in my classes?

How many of you would like to use this as a model for your future teaching or business?

soda with cafein? THE HORROR!

. Have you ever used google reader?

Me! Me!

I've rarely ever had a teacher that lived up to caring about their learning objectives

secondary ed classes love building wiki pages or blogging about reading assignments

these principles are useful in all fields

google reader is my lifeline.

wikipedia is one example. Wiki leaks is a site where anyone can post their news leaks. Does that help?

there's still benefit in standardized readings - you can compare different analyses of the same thing, and worldwide students have a common background

rss feeds make it possible to live on the web

self directed learning makes a big difference!

caffeine you doink!

Im still stuck

Thanks @swiftj in North Carolina for watching us on and tweeting us!

I would love to see more classes like these at the high school level, or even in younger grades, while kids are still learning to be students.

teacher: teacher: oh baby you know it! This self-directed learning is awesome!

stuff like this makes we want to be an educator

who says doink anymore?

I am a proffersor and i'm going to incorporate there ideas in my classes

I totally agree with all of this.

check out opencourseware classes and BBC Language courses.

when something is real it lasts

Hey antimormon, this is not the venue

The backpack2.0 websites are there to help you learn some of the tools that will be beneficial to teaching, learning, business and life.

some people are trying to incorporate digital and self directed learning at an elementary school level.


I know another Mike Lemon

my brain is better than 51 though

It's too bad students can't engage themselves and have to wait for innovation from the professors.

your mom says doink 

A bowtie.....really?

I'm mike lennon! Hear me roar! Lol

There are two Mike Lemons. The one before you is magnificent.

everyone reading the same text is completely over rated.

Did someone from this group go to India?

The internet helps the world connect... Isn't it amazing!

I've had a few TEE classes with real world capstone application like this. It works.


the other mike lemon sings like Josh groban. Do you?

LOVE the photography!

the bowtie is super sick!

Tibetans in India!


i love his bowtie!

yes Kirsten went to India

the photography is all by Norbu

how did you meet norbu?

shouldn't the goal be to produce independent thinkers?

no she's going to go to india for field work. Kristen cardon is amazing

So what's the idea behind this text thing?

this thread is now about bowties

this is an awesome example of how the internet makes the world closer together

when I was in India you'd see ox carts pulling loads of computers

Kristen is going to India this next year on a field study. The photography is all by Norbu, the person who is talking on the video.

This is a perfect example of how willing people are to make fun of eachother when they feel brave behind their keyboard

The text feature is there for people to ask questions and give your own ideas. What do you think of the presentations so far?

try to ask ?s about these presentations.

yay dad

shrinking the globe is a crucial part of this time we live in.

How do you find someone to Skype with in a different culture?

Way to go, Kristen :)

did you see the subtitle for this presentation on your programs? Rofl

they have all been AWESOME!

We should use skype for missionary work

What else would you like to learn about digital literacy?

what do other professors think abt this digital revolution?

There are no words for the questions in my head.

I think the text thing makes it easy for people to express when they don't understand which makes them feel like it's okay to ask questions.

is there a good source to find new emerging digital tools?

People tend to doubt the validity of their own confusion.

people already do use skype for missionary work

if you want to get to know another culture, branch out and contact someone.

backpack 2.0 is a site that could be helpful

dr. Burton is my hero

Text about what you're going to do to digitally revolutionize your life. We are giving out prizes

one of the greatest challenges of blogging and online academia is to maintain a high standard of writing. Anyone can post anything online.

the good source for digital tools is

That is SO COOL! The students are teaching the professors!

I have loved all the presentations so far, and I love the ideas behind them all!

sit tight you will see a presentation of missionarieas using skype tonight

We hope the backpack2.0 websites will eventually become a site where new and emerging digital tools will be added constanty. Check it out!

I am going to keep up my blog and focus it on my astronomy research

the beauty about the Internet is that which is good stays and that which is bad doesn't. It filters itself.

I would have never guessed how soon the thrill of texting to a projector could wear off. Kind of provides a self-control mechanism

can anyone input to backpack 2.0?

it does!

if id had more time i would have written you a shorter letter- mark twain

That girl is cute

wasn't it a really advanced pace maker that made iron man? I'm gonna make militarily practical holograms

I'm going to blog about my experience teaching English in China when I leave in February! Others can learn the culture that I love!

The wiki site for backpack2.0 allows for anyone to add their digital tools.

I believe there is a lot to learn from evolution

this guy's blog is great for bored people:

It is so crazy cool when some professional comments on your blog post. That just happened to me today!

iron man has a magnet to keep the shrapnel away from his heart

I loved that post!

This is really innovative.

china? You will have so much to blog about!

an epic blog pant for sure

wow two minutes and no comment

texting finally died down

How could this be used in your life? Think about the connections you can make through blogs...

That art a minute ago was all digitally created.


Using a blog is way sweet. u can see what everyone else in thinking in the class

if Mormons all embraced the Internet we could literally flood the world without the gospel

wow! Cool prezi james?


I'll be in China for a year! Definitely a LOT to blog about!

I feel like the blogs were extraordinarily effective. Do you agree?

blogging also helps you really know everyone in the class. It's a bonding experience.

brad i loved that video! I shared it on my face book!

i've seen this before

i think some blogg websites actually pay you according to how many of views per month your blog gets

great video!

props to brad i love that vid. helped me understand

what's that video called??

maggie is the best!

Meg plz send me a link to your Turing machine blog post

Wish every class worked like this.

how could writing your own blog help you? Would you like to connect to other blogs relevant to your own life?

go Maggie.

blogging is da bomb.

the video is called fair(y) use law

Talk yeah but how do you find time to blog?

The more I watch this class the more I realize this is how things will eventually be. Blogs are the new essay form.

blogging helps organized thought without the fear of being graded on it

Maggie rocks

I think I'll marry Neil for coming to this.

A blog helps me organize my thoughts and determine the depth of my feelings.

blog posts don't have to be long! In fact, I think shorter is better

grats neil

shorter is def better

I'm debating proposing to LeeAnne for making me come to this.

Love the old Schwinn "Krate"

That's a stupid reason to marry someone. How is that an example of digital revolution.

Blogging really doesn't take long at all... And it is a great way to connect. Go to and search for blogs you are interested in :-)

tandem bikes r awesome

maybe I'll propose to LeeAnne too

Oo I want to read that post about historical events leading up to mormonism.


say yes leeAnne

So is he going to make it through everyone in the class?


yeah its AWESOME YEW!



i have learned lots

hands up

amen to getting involved!

What question should i ask?!

go ariel! :) -rebecca


question. How is it that jake is soooo good looking?

Hello Elder Baird!

Wow that girl's really cute.


cant wait to hear jeff speak! :-)

Rhett is awesome and really funny

so fhe would be 1.0?

like church

is there anyway to pitch this idea to club presidents?

good presentation, nice job

this could be really helpful in club GEO

I heart kurt Witt! ! !

I heart kurt Witt! ! !

So true! You guys are B-rilliant!

there's a few club pres here tonight

r there any plans to put this into action?

clap clap clap clap

These next presentations show how digital tools can be used to help you in anything. What would you like to do on the internet?

all great leaders ask for feedback from the crowd.

I feel like I'm living a teenage dream tonight

but feel free to share with your club president!

Sassy power point font makes me happy.

wow who is the asian guy?

I feel like preZi should be used by every professor.

Woohoo for digital civilization! This is AMAZING! .....Rhett is such a great presenter. And i love my pops so so much! Thanks for bein here dad :)

Yes there are plans for this in clubs.

prezi rocks the party

prezi dominates powerpoint in the face

yeah her boyfriend is a lucky Guy.

i agree i think overheads are much less effective

These ideas are fascinating! I can't wait to apply them for my Scout troop!

zuo zai wo pangbian shi ni yuehui de nvsheng dui ma?

So Where are those pancakes

My mind is literally being blown. This is the best presentation in the world. YES, THE WORLD!

They are planning on makeing this a real club. Just finding the appropriate faculty sponsor

within five years, most professors probably will choose prezi over power point

the only thing that could make tonight better is a presentation by justin bieber....oh baby baby babay

Prezi pwns, harcore.

using google calendars for the family and for church callings is terrific.

well we hope that teachers will learn these new tools

we need to task GMSA to the 2.0 level.

relief society blog...oh the possibilities!

if you're a club pres what will you do with this?

justin is a great example of how to use the web to get your ideas out there

bu shi zhi yue go yi ci

I'd love to apply this to SID, to help plan the hunger banquet. totally in line with development principles!

the only thing that could make tonight better is a presentation by justin bieber....oh baby baby babay

this is also a great way to make incorporation more economic

why not virtual clubs that meet online via Skype or even Second Life?

Tear down geographic beariers!

bu shi zhi yue guo yi ci

Justin Bieber is in the hospital. He fell of the ladder trying to reach puberty

think: if not for web 2.0, you couldn't have a microfinance club. It's changing the world.

this would help our RS so much, faulty comunication is our downfall

what's gmsa?

Justin Bieber is the best. He is friends with Usher

wow--shei zhang zhong wen?

wa, ni zheme shuai er zhi you yue guo yi ci? Ni yinggai you jujue ta ba?

ho molta voglia di vedere questa presentazione effetuata in ogni classe

eu nao posso falar chinese

what can you learn from this presentation?

There are a lot of pretty women here

nem eu!

making your own site is easier than it seems!

I'm skeptical that many professors will be willing to adopt this methodology.

I'm interested in using the internet in teaching math. Anyone else? And how could that be done?


you jujue shei?

wo shi en weijie Ni shi na yi wei ?

this is one of the most authentic student projects I have seen

Rhett youre such an amazing presenter. I love your blog! Check it out! Love, yo wifey

GMSA is the Global Management Student Association. A club focused on International Business out of the Marriott School of Management and Kennedy Center.

I wish more people used the microphone.

Yeah Autumn! You rock! :)

it will not be easy to win over professor but it must be done

I love how they are actually helping people with these tools -- especially those with breast cancer

shauna is the prettiest! And she loves this presentation

How about a punctual revolution.

I don't think so. Many professors coming into the field now are embracing these new technologies. It's just the old fogeys!

The website to access all the presentations' info is

We'll be able to view all of these presentations online after tonight, right?

I'm an English teaching major, one of my profs runs her class via facebook, two use as a comprehensive class wiki.

I think more professors will adopt than you'd think because the younger generation of teachers understand and embrace technology.

wo shi na chuan heise de nusheng

there are many great math tools online that would allow profs to teach better, such as graphing tools

I agree about the mic

I want a hug button!

google docs are very useful, but for compiling actual observational data, it can be very limited

This is so cool! This could really bless people's lives

everything is available online and it will be on FOREVER

this could be so beneficial for hospitals! They should contact public relation at the hospitals and present this research!

these tools are pretty easy to use and really cool!

It's not enough for a cause to have a website. They need community building tools

ni shi zhongguo ren ma? Zuo zai nali?

what a great idea!

so, can we use this?

the website helps build the community around it

Google docs is awesome too. Collaborative work. Responses.

Dave great to see you! Nice hot cocoa. Youll love this presentation. Rhetts next! :)

Joan dixon uses 2.0 methods in her intro to development class. We all have to post our assignments on a wiki site.

wo shi meiguo ren. Zuo zai you bian

we are hoping to help those in the community to connect

next group up use the mic!

academic library websites usually have an ask-a-librarian chat feature. BYU has at least one librarian online from 7 am to 11 pm.

hi Jason

this is way bigger than support groups. Any org could use this advice. Digital redesign consultants?

english please

Doesn't this blog help to build a community. How do we define that term now?

have you created a blog? Support group?

the message board can be centralized to increase success rate

r u going take these ideas to any support group sites already established?

i used this with my support group too.

prezies are usually public documents. Find them by searching

I love rheanna!!!

wo you yi ge zhuyi. Ni kan zhege de shi jushou yi xia.

we are working with 2 groups

how big are those two groups?

ni jushou

guttenburg is awesome! is also a good resource for teachers, it's a free poster site

the Guy all the way on the right looks terrified.

yay for use of the mic

both Gutenberg and Joseph smith are smiling down on us tonight.

To find the best way to help people with there problems is noble. Thank you, last group, on behalf of those looking for support!

Sensible college age students text.

How are you working with the two groups?

ni zenme xue dao zhongwen?

i have lots of ideas for the math professor if you want to meet me after the presentations at the back northeast corner of the room.

one group is in the beginning stage one has been around for about a year

this really will revolutionize missionary work. Just think: how can I share the gospel online?

wo zai taiwan chuanjiao. Ni ne?

The missionaries who answer those chats on are HERE

This is awesome!

I'm actually a math ed student... But i'd love to talk :-)

I seriously love this. I want to share my faith in the digital world

wo zai jianada chuan guo jiao. Ni shenme shi hou hui lai le?

This is the coolest thing I have ever heard of!

many people who would not be open to having the missionaries visit them feel comfortable chatting about the gospel online.

we are helping them to incorperate these tools into their site

I wouldn't mind this mission

the missionaries have helped something like 200+ people get baptized each year

quai yi nian le. Ni ne?

I loved doing LDS chat in the MTC

consider inviting your friends to chat on

*the online missionaries

one of the profile vids was sponsored on youtube today i saw it?

This makes me so excited for the future!!

could we create virtual wards in remote areas?

wo yi yue fen hui lai le. Ni yong de pinyin ye shi taiwan de pinyin ma?

Paul! How did you get into this presentation!?

I think virtual wards is a great idea!!

good song

there ARE virtual wards! Rhett and i are going to teach english in china and they meet online through conference video chat. AMAZING!

virtual presidency meetings when every person is on vacation

Wow this is very cool because it allows people to comfortably ask questions by using a way very familiar to them.

Who's in charge of keeping this gig on schedule??!

who made prezi?

u ar the schedule

We love Dave!

wa, ni gang gang hui lai le! Da bu fen de taiwan ren yong bopomofo, jiu you yi xie hui pinyin

it is on schedule. This and the next video are the last ones

chabie da be da? Wo mei kan guo.

Jason, non ti riconoscevo! Ti ingrassi?

da! Wan quan kan bu dong. Yao man man de xue xi

GREAT JOB! I love your video!

Tear...this is really good!

It's all about family. I'm glad my handsome sons Lear and Gray Burton are here. I LOVE YOU

yes!!! Ingrassi mashita!


could general conference become interactive?

that little girl is so cute!

Awesome video!! A winner for sure. :) Love you, Hun.

Thanks dad means a lot.

interactive general conference would be abused

what if we all went home and posted a Mormon message on our facebook status?

way to support your dad lear and gray

Prezi started in Budapest, Hungary.


great job to the message group. That was amazing

jake call me!

Isn't it wonderful that the Church is using the digital world so effectively?

there is a moderated twitter feed for general conference

wow jake's so dreamy

are they gonna sing?

ni zai na yi ge chengshi chuanjiao?

This video is awesome!



this has been the most wonderful event I've seen in a very long time! Thank you, everyone!

You show him morgan!

I love this

duolunduo. qishi nage chuan lanse yong shexiangji shi wo yiqian de tongban. Ni shi nage chengshi?

this is the best!

Go Morgan!

Ha ha this is amazing!!

name of vid!


so loud! Turn it down a bit please? Its awesome but just loud

This is scrumstralecent

will this be on youtube?

all of the videos will be available online right?



is the Internet a tool, a way of life or organic wonder?

Morgan always gets the guys.

snowballs are illegal










club 2.0






is this still working? 

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